On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Thunderbird Lodge Preservation Society, I wish to express our gratitude for the consultation and tree services you performed at the Thunderbird Lodge historic site this past season.

The manner in which you handled the planning and execution to remove our dead trees and debris must be commended. Your knowledge of the governing rules and science was very helpful, allowing us to complete the job on-schedule and under budget. We also can't thank you enough for your donated time and services.

Warm regards,
Thunderbird Lodge Preservation Society

~ Bill Watson
    Executive Director & Curator
In every facet from beginning to end, Jeremiah's company performed their job with the utmost professionalism.

Permitting, safety, cleanliness, timeliness, thoroughness and respect for your property are all part of the performance that can be expected from Jeremiah's Tree Service, Inc.

~ Douglas Dale
    Owner, Wolfdale's
Over the last 30 years I have used Jeremiah's Tree Service, Inc. and have been very satisfied with their level of service. Their crew cleaned up the mess and I have found their price to be very competitive.

In addition, I have recommended their services to several of my clients in the real estate business whom have asked me for a referral of a good, honest and professional Arborist.

~ Mark Moore