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  • Proposed Activity or Project: TRPA Requirements:
    Killing or materially damaging a tree Is not allowed. (See notes on live limbing below.)

    Material damage is defined as any of the following activities or alterations to a live tree 14" dbh or larger;

      1) topping
      2) the removal of live limbs within the upper two thirds of the total tree height
      3) girdling
      4) the application of chemicals harmful to the tree
      5) purposefully exposing the cambium layer
      6) other damage to the tree that will potentially result in its death or disfigurement, or in a significant way increase its susceptibility to insects or disease.
    Removal of trees smaller than 14” dbh
    No permit required unless in an SEZ (Stream Environment Zone) or backshore.
    If the tree planting or retention was required by TRPA, and vegetation removal of any size is required for defensible space, contact TRPA within 30 days of removal to establish alternative scenic mitigation. Alternative scenic mitigation must be approved by TRPA.
    Removal of dead (no green whatsoever) trees Removal of dead trees does not require a permit, except for large dead trees (snags) protected by TRPA’s old growth protection ordinances in Conservation and Recreation Land Use areas and in SEZs. Snags larger than the following sizes are affected: In Nevada and east of Carnelian Bay – 24” dbh; in the rest of the California portion of the Region – 30” dbh. Contact TRPA for approval to remove these large snags from these areas.
    Removal of live trees 14” dbh and larger Obtain a tree removal permit from your local fire district/department or TRPA. Use of heavy equipment and stump removal are NOT part of the permit.
    Removal of 100 or more live trees 14” dbh or larger Contact TRPA regarding additional permitting requirements.
    Cutting, trimming or removal of live lakeshore or SEZ vegetation of ANY type or size or landscaping in SEZ or backshore Obtain written approval and/or a tree removal permit from TRPA.
    Tree removal from a project footprint pursuant to TRPA Code Section 65.2.E Reviewed through applicable building/grading/ development permit application process. Trees to be removed must be shown on TRPA-stamped plans as approved for removal.
    Live limb removal Live limb removal not meeting the definition of Material Damage in Chapter 2 of the TRPA Code is exempt. However, some scenic area project permits contain provisions prohibiting any view enhancement limb removal. TRPA does not require a permit for limb pruning necessary to maintain the following safety clearances:
    Chimney outlet: 10 feet
    Buildings: 6 feet
    Driveways: 15 foot vertical clearance for normal use and fire truck access
    Walkways and paths: for pedestrian use
    Utility lines: Contact utility company about street line maintenance; Homeowners may prune limbs impinging on their service lines.
    Dead limb removal Exempt, no permit needed.


  • North Tahoe Fire Protection District

    North Shore, California

  • North Lake Tahoe Fire District

    Incline Village and Crystal Bay, Nevada

  • Northstar Fire Department

    Northstar, California

  • Tahoe Donner Forestry

    Truckee, California

  • Truckee Fire Protection District

    Truckee, California

  • Meeks Bay Fire Protection District

    Meeks Bay, California